The BabyLoop offering

BabyLoop is the platform where you can rent part of your baby’s stock. You want the best for your child, without spending too much money. Which can! We only have top quality products in our range that you can rent for a fraction of the new price. The products are professionally checked and cleaned before they go to a new family.

Renting and reusing baby equipment actually makes a lot of sense. Because baby products are only used for a short time. By renting them, you save raw materials and reduce your Carbon footprint. And you ensure a healthier world for your child. Our minimalist productrange makes us perhaps the most affordable and sustainable platform where you can rent top-quality baby products.

All-in-one package




Breast pump

Car seat

Cargo bike adapter



High chair

Stroller & Buggy

Travel gear

Birth bad (oerbron)

Gift card

Sustainable and affordable assortment.

You can rent new products from BabyLoop, but you can also opt for refurbished baby equipment or a combination, for example a used co-sleeper with a new mattress.

Also nice: you are not tied to long-term contracts. Flexibility is key! You only pay for the period that you use a product and you can cancel your subscription monthly. You can save up to 70% compared to buying new.

Calculation example

Buying a new Newborn set from Stokke will cost you €104. With an average use of 3 months, the rent costs €9.90 x 3 = €29.70. That is approximately 30% of the original purchase price, so even with 3 children it is cheaper to rent than if you bought this seat new! This way you still have some left over for other nice baby items.

BabyLoop gives you space in your home and in your head. You can rest assured that our baby supplies are in good hands, because we have extensively researched them and used them for our own children. Just like the 5,000+ parents who preceded you as customers and gave us feedback. We would like to share that mountain of experience and those things with you.

Questions, comments or suggestions?

If you have questions about BabyLoop’s product offerings, suggestions for expanding the assortment, questions about what you really need for your baby outfits, or something completely different, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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