3 kids with car seats in 1 car

26 September 2022

3 children with car seats in 1 car?

One of our customers gave a few tips on how she got her 3 children with car seats to fit in 1 car. Tip number 1 “I think there is only one real tip to get 3 children with car seats in your car, and that is to simply try different models! There are some relatively narrower seats, but it doesn’t make much difference. It mainly comes down to the combination of the seats and the car you drive of course. So depending on how old your kids are, which seat they need and how wide your back seat is :-)”

baby car seat

Tip number 2

Another tip is to work with seat belts as little as possible, because otherwise you can hardly reach them with three car seats. “It’s a lot of fiddling and it will cost you your back. A base for the maxi cosi is therefore very handy. The youngest goes in a Maxi Cosi group 0+ (0-13 kilos). For example, we deliberately used the five-point seat belt for a longer period of time for our middle one, who is actually already allowed in a three-point seat. The 5-point seat belt is much easier to attach, than a 3-point seat belt.”

Suppose you only have 2 isofix points, what to do you with your 3rd and oldest child? “We do use a three-point seat belt for the third seat (son of 6) but with an extension on the seat belt (belt extender). You just don’t get around otherwise.” But do mind; officially you can’t actually use it in the Netherlands.

You can always try out our car seats!  

 Are you also very confused about which car seat combination fits in your car? At BabyLoop you can always come by to try out which seats form the best combination in your car.

Handy right?

We have Maxi Cosi CabrioFix, and the Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus and Pebble Pro in the range with matching isofix bases, so that you can always transport your little one safely.

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