Activities to do with your children during lockdown

26 September 2022

Another lockdown? Inspiration for activities with your kids during the lockdown

Do you sometimes find it so difficult to entertain your children during the lockdown? 🤔 We have collected 5 fun activities for indoor and outdoor use:

  1. Nature at home 🍃 Go for a walk to the nearest park or forest. Are you looking for nice stones, leaves and pinecones? At home, these are turned into works of art – pasted onto paper, painted on… (also get inspired from thejoyjournal)
  2. Building a hut inside ⛺ Collect pillows, blankets and sheets and build a hut together with your children. You and the kids will enjoy it for days to come.
  3. Make everyday things a party 🎉 For example, make lunch a picnic in the living room, make it an assignment to spend the reading time in a crazy place in the house (upside down on the couch, under the table, in a homemade cabin etc.)
  4. Making bird food 🐥 We are still in the middle of winter and can help the birds a hand. Moreover, it is great fun to make bird snacks yourself, for example by making a bird cake from fat and seeds. You can find the reason, for example, on the website of @vogelbeschermingnederland.
  5. Cooking & cleaning together 🍝 If your child finds it very exciting what you are doing, you can immediately turn it into a game. And who knows, they may develop into ideal helpers at home!

Final tip; choose activities that suit you and your children #lockdown.

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