Attach co-sleeper box spring

30 September 2022

How do you attach a co-sleeper to a box spring?

As with everything, it is actually very easy to attach a co-sleeper to your box spring once you know it 🙂 Perhaps ‘the people’ find all the steps very logical, but we thought long and hard about how it works. Yes, the steps are described in the manual, but not always that clearly. If you rent a cosleeper from BabyLoop, you will of course receive the user manual. And if you can’t figure it out, you can always contact our customer service. To make it nice and easy, we will explain how to attach the co-sleeper to your bed based on 2 different co-sleepers. If your type of cosleeper is not listed, this will hopefully still provide inspiration on how to secure your crib to your bed.

attach cosleeper to bed

Snuzpod 4 co-sleeper

As a first example we will use the Snuzpod 4 co-sleeper. The Snuzpod 4 is ideal for box spring beds, because it is adjustable up to a height of 73 cm. The Snuzpod always comes with 4 straps; 2 short and 2 long. The short straps are for a slatted bed. You put the short strap around the slats of the slatted base and around the frame of the co-sleeper. Make sure that the straps are always tightened so that there is no space between the co-sleeper and your bed. It works the same way with a box spring. You put the long straps all the way around the mattress of your box spring bed and pull it through the frame of your Snuzpod crib. Just put it at the right height, so that it can be used safely and that’s it. It’s not going anywhere. 

Chicco Next2Me Dream co-sleeper

The second example is the Chicco Next2Me co-sleeper. Before the Snuzpod 4 came on the market, this crib was most suitable for box springs due to its height (up to 64 cm). In terms of attachment, the Chicco Next2Me works just like the Snuzpod with straps. Here too, you put the straps around your box spring mattress and, so to speak, thread the straps through the frame of the co-sleeper. Secure the strap buckles, tighten them up and tadaa; solid as a rock!

Sweet dreams!

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