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16 December 2022

It’s wonderful to go outside with your baby in a sling or baby carrier. But how do you do that during winter, with all these layers?

Wearing a thick winter coat, your child may not sink deep enough into the carrier, if that is indeed the case, choose a thinner coat or maybe one of the tips below can help you making carrier easier during winter.

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1️⃣ A good solution is a babywearing jacket! You then carry your baby under your coat. This way your baby benefits from your body heat, and you can easily take off your coat if your child has fallen asleep when you go back inside. This way you are not both in a sauna because of all the extra layers. If you don’t have a babywearing coat, use your own coat without closing it and with a large scarf or shawl over your child 🧣 ⁠ ⁠

2️⃣ Always ensure adequate air circulation around your baby’s face. Rather a little too cold than a little too warm, because heat build-up is more dangerous than a little cold. ❄️ A breath of fresh air is actually very healthy for your little one! Always put a nice warm hat on the head.

⁠3️⃣ Put on your baby whatever you’re wearing. So don’t put on an extra shirt or cardigan, because the sling or baby carrier also counts as a layer.  ⁠ 🧦 For a little more warmth, you can use leg warmers, for example. And if it gets really cold, an extra pair of socks or slippers is nice for your child. ⁠

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