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30 September 2022

What do you need for a baby?

Can you still see the forest for the trees? Then you are probably one of the few 🙂 I often hear from mothers that they only realize afterwards how many different (unnecessary) things you buy when you are pregnant for the first time! So, I thought, let me list those baby products you really need and which ones you can skip and avoid bad buys.

  • Car seat to transport your newborn home from the hospital
  • Baby bath, potentially with stand so you don’t have to bend over so much yourself
  • Baby nest so you can take the little one with you everywhere and he / she has a safe feeling
  • Playpen with a nice playpen mat (especially useful as a safe place for a 2nd child)
  • Changing table plus a changing mat with 2 covers
  • Co sleeper / crib including bed linen for the first period, I liked having a little one next to me
  • Hydrophilic diapers are really indispensable
  • Stroller to show your little one. An adapter to easily connect your car seat to the stroller is convenient. In summer it is very handy to have a parasol against the sun.
  • Clothing to shine in; rompers, box suits, jacket, hats, etc.
  • Cot with bedding (this can also be bought at a later stage if you have a co-sleeper / crib)
  • Diaper bag (we find a backpack handy at BabyLoop)
  • Bouncer

If you have a Tripp Trapp chair, it is nice to put your little one in the Stokke Newborn set when you sit at the table. And a baby carrier is also recommended by us as a must-have.

Please note, babies should not sit in a Newborn set, Maxi Cosi or bouncer for too long.

Rent your baby gear and save up to 70% (and it’s sustainable too)!

Baby Bjorn bouncer

In general, leasing evokes the association that it is super expensive and that it is better to buy all the baby equipment if you want more than 1 child. However, I invite you to take a good look at this small calculation example to illustrate our affordability:

A new BabyBjorn bouncer costs €199,-. With an average use of 5 months, the rent will cost you: €13.50 x 5 = €69.50. That is 30% of the original purchase amount. So, in fact it is even cheaper to rent than to buy a new one, also with 3 kids!

Quality guaranteed and minimize property!

You do not need additional storage space until the products are back in use. In addition, you have the advantage that when you choose Refurbished you do not have the hassle of Marktplaats; you are taken care of with BabyLoop’s delivery service instead of having to pick up the items yourself. And perhaps the biggest advantage is that the quality of the stuff is guaranteed, while you always have to wait through a marketplace whether the stuff is really ‘as good as new’ or whether this is a subjective concept 😊.

What do you really need from the baby checklist | Avoid bullshit purchases

Here is a good example how you can recognize a nonsense purchase. This is what a mother said about buying hydrophilic washcloths: ‘I have never actually used them. I only bought them because they were cheap anyway. ‘ Not sustainable at all of course – if you think I’ll buy it because it’s cheap, don’t! You can always order missing baby gear online and this is often delivered within 24 hours. Or you ask your partner to go to the store (e.g. HEMA) to buy something.

Hope these tips help you and what you really need from the baby checklist! Last tip, trust yourself and don’t be fooled 🙂

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