Baby crib comparison

30 September 2022

What kind of crib do you choose for your baby? A comparison!

What is the best crib for your baby? A crib has the advantage that it is a safe place to sleep that can stand in the master bedroom. This so that your child is close at night to feed or comfort. Because a baby crib is more compact than a crib, it offers your baby more security. Also, in a crib there is less room to get tangled between the bedding. This makes it safer to let your baby sleep in a crib for the first period. When your baby can roll over, it is important to switch to a cot. If your baby starts to turn in the crib, there is a chance that her mouth/nose will lie against the side walls and therefore cannot breathe properly.

When choosing a crib you can go in all directions: from traditional beds to co-sleepers to modern design cribs. At BabyLoop we have listed the pros and cons of these 3 different types of cribs, so that you can choose which type suits you best.

Below the advantages and disadvantages of 3 types of baby cribs:

  1. Classic baby cot (e.g. from Kidsmill)
  2. Design cradle (e.g. Leander hanging cradle)
  3. Co-sleeper (e.g. Snuzpod)

1. Classic baby cot

wooden crib classic


  • Super affordable
  • Light in weight and therefore easy to move
  • You can see your little one well between the bars


  • You have to get out of bed at night if you want to comfort / feed your little one
  • Ok in terms of looks
  • No rocking function and not adjustable

2. Design cradle

design wieg


  • Super stylish crib, a real eye-catcher that fits into any interior
  • Stimulates your baby’s motor development through natural movement


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • If you aren’t using the tripod stand, you would have to drill a hole in your ceiling to attach the ceiling hook
  • The tripod stand is more than 2m long and cannot be transported easily
  • Still have to get out of bed at night and you can’t see your little one

3. Co-sleeper



  • Adjustable, so you sleep level with your little one
  • You are as close as possible to your child and can touch and view him / her well
  • Can also be used as a Moses basket / carrycot


  • Takes up extra space next to the bed (and you have to have that space)
  • Not every parent likes to sleep so close to his or her child (you hear all the sounds of your baby :-))

Conclusion comparison baby cribs

It really depends on what you’re looking for. Each crib has pros and cons. Do you opt for a beautiful stylish design crib for your baby? Or maybe you prefer a cosleeper so that you sleep close to your newborn. Take your time to look at everything and then choose the best crib for your little one. In our opinion, the cosleeper is a must-have. It may not be the most stylish crib, but it is the best!

Good luck deciding!

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