Baby doesn’t sleep | Try cosleeper

26 September 2022

Baby doesn’t sleep. Sleepless nights 🙁

Oops, baby isn’t sleeping. Does this sound familiar? You have probably heard it in advance via via, when you have a baby count on a number of sleepless nights. International research shows that one in four babies has a sleeping problem. As a parent, you can go crazy from too little sleep because your baby does not sleep well. Constantly having to get out of bed to go to your little one and have no idea what your baby wants from you. Google is your best friend. But alas, nothing works. Even if you already have a baby, you can easily be surprised at numbers 2, 3, etc.  In other words, what works for one baby may not always work for another baby. 

try out co-sleeper

Baby doesn’t sleep | Try out a cosleeper

A co-sleeper can be the solution for those sleepless nights with your baby and getting out of bed all the time! Your baby will sleep safely next to you in this special cot, so you can easily offer a teat, breast or bottle in the middle of the night if your baby ‘asks’ for this. However, buying a cosleeper is a very expensive investment, which you probably won’t cough up next to all the other investments you have already made in the baby set. Especially since you use a co-sleeper for a short period of a few months. So then you quickly think, never mind, that’s also possible. Because if you are looking for a stable and handy model cosleeper, it costs about €235. 

Solution | Rent a cosleeper!

You can now rent a cosleeper at BabyLoop from €24.90 per month. With an average use of 3 months, you arrive at about 30% of the original purchase amount. So it is cheaper to lease with several children than to buy this item new. In addition to the co-sleepers from Chicco Next2Me and Snuzpod, we also have a cute little wooden baby cot in the range. So get rid of those sleepless nights and try a risk-free co-sleeper for a month (monthly subscription that can be canceled). If you rent the co-sleeper for a longer period, your subscription rate goes down!

Hopefully this is the golden tip! 

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