Baby in bath

26 September 2022

Baby in bath | Tips

You can make your baby happy in many different ways, but a nice warm bath is definitely at the top of the list. 🛁 ⁠ Especially in the winter months this can have a very relaxing effect on your baby…and for the parents it is also really nice to see your baby bathing. 🐳

However, the first times your baby takes a bath can be exciting and a bit scary.

stokke bath

Here are a few tips for an optimal preparation and bath experience: ⁠⠀

🧼 ⁠Bring the room to a comfortable temperature⁠⠀

🧼 Prepare all bath items (such as clothes, bath thermometer, changing mat, baby shower gel, diaper, baby oil, etc.) ⠀

🧼 Preheat the clothes ⁠ (put them over the heating or with a jug — > only when it’s cold of course :-)) ⁠⠀

🧼 Prepare the bath and bring it to a temperature between 36 and 38 degrees ⁠⠀

It is best to wash a newborn baby on the changing mat with your hands and a little soap-free gel. You can wash a slightly older baby in the baby bath itself. Make sure that the neck is always well supported and never leave your baby alone in the bath!⁠⠀

At BabyLoop you can easily rent baby baths, for example the  practical folding bath from Stokke! ⁠⠀

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