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26 September 2022

Baby in bed | Tips & tricks.

Having your baby close to you in bed has a number of great benefits:

  • Being close to your little one is good for bonding.
  • Moreover, it is easy, you do not have to get out of bed when the little one starts to cry and wants to have his pacifier, for example.

If you still want your baby close to you in bed; How are you going to handle that? Is the little one in your bed, in a baby nest or do you go for the co-sleeper option?

babynest in bed

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to use a baby nest in bed:

  1. 1. Place the nest in the middle of the bed so you don’t accidentally push it out of bed.
  2. 2. Make sure the nest is at the top and lie down slightly with your duvet to prevent overheating. Babies can get very warm in a baby nest, without being able to lose their heat.
  3. Another reason to put the nest high against the headboard is Rebreathing. With rebreathing, your baby keeps breathing in its own breath and yours. This means that each breath contains less oxygen (the body always absorbs a little oxygen). Your baby won’t have a reflex to gasp for air because he can breathe. So this is a very quiet danger. This is also the reason that head protectors and pillows for babies are not recommended.
  4. 3. Are you both aware that there is a baby in the bed? Then you sleep differently and the chance that you will lie on top of the baby is smaller. (And perhaps unnecessary, but don’t use narcotics)
  5. 4. Use a baby nest made of breathable materials and with a good design, such as Sleepyhead (dockatot). By good design I mean: no protruding buckles or other things that can come loose. See also the scandinavian nests of Voksi.
  6. 5. Always let your baby sleep on their back and use the nest to the maximum until your baby starts to roll over. For some it is after 4 months and for others after 8 months. Because if your baby ends up with his face against the edge of the nest, your baby can suffocate.

Disadvantages baby in bed

In addition to the dangers, I personally find the two biggest disadvantages of a baby nest in bed that you have little room to move and you sleep a little lighter. While in this phase I really think my sleep is essential 😊

That is why I would go for a co sleeper myself, the same advantages as a baby nest, but without the disadvantages.

But the most important thing is: do what makes you feel good! 

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