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26 September 2022

Baby products #2 | 5 most missed products after baby 1

In principle, you probably already gathered the basics for your trousseau before your first baby. But what are those little extras that allow you to spoil a second or third baby and expand your trousseau?

  1. Baby nest: this way you create your own safe place in the playpen or on the couch. So that your little one can lie comfortably in the first weeks. Please note the material of which the baby nest is made and only use it under supervision.
  2. Co-sleeper: lots of (sleeping) fun with a co-sleeper. This may be a very large investment, unless you can lease the co sleeper of course 😉
  3. Stokke newborn set: so you can sit at the table with the whole family.
  4. Hangloose: Hammock for in the playpen. Stimulates the motor development of your child.
  5. Swimming collar for the bath: kind of a baby spa but then at home 😊 your baby can float in the bath. Please note, use only under supervision.

If you don’t already have a baby carrier, I would definitely buy one. Very handy to have your hands free every now and then with a second child.

I really hope you got inspired!

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