Baby rocker comparison

30 September 2022

Baby rocker comparison: which rocker do you choose for your baby?

What is the best rocker for your baby? At BabyLoop we have listed 3 different types of rockers for you, so that you can choose which type of rocker suits you best.

Below is a comparison of 3 types of bouncers:

  1. The classic bouncer (eg babybjorn bouncer)
  2. The design rocking chair (e.g. bloom coco stylewood)
  3. The electric bouncer (e.g. mamaroo from 4moms)

1. The classic rocker

baby bjorn


  • 3 positions: sleep, rest, play Foldable: does not take up much space, and is easy to carry Ergonomic: developed together with paediatricians Stimulates motor skills and sense of balance due to the light spring in the chair Can be used as a bouncer up to 9 kilos, then as a chair until your baby weighs 13 kilos


  • Does not use 100% sustainable materialsOk in terms of looks

2. The design rocker

design wipstoel coco


  • Super stylish rocking chair, a real eye-catcher that fits into any interior Made of sustainable materials (wood and cotton) Stimulates your baby’s motor development through movement


  • Takes up a lot of spaceHas only 1 position (lying down): at some point your child no longer wants to lie down, but rather sits up and discovers the world Use: up to 6 months

3. The electric rocker



  • 2 different positions: sitting and lying down Vibrates so baby relaxes faster Toy stimulates development Can be controlled remotely


  • Engine makes noise Takes up a lot of space Not made of sustainable materials

Conclusion rocker comparison

It depends on what you’re looking for. Each rocker has advantages and disadvantages. Do you opt for a beautiful stylish rocking chair? Or maybe you prefer an electric bouncer to rock your baby to sleep? Take your time to look at everything and then choose the best bouncer for your little one. The BabyBjorn bouncer is not the most stylish bouncer, but certainly a must-have for young parents. Just like the design bouncer from Bloom, your baby also learns to entertain itself or fall asleep while at rest. With an electric bouncer you run the risk of your baby becoming overstimulated.  

Our tip: choose a bouncer that you can put in different positions, so that you can use it for a longer period of time (#sustainable). A lying position for the first months and a sitting position for when you want to give your baby a little snack or first bites.

Good luck choosing! 

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