BabyLoop sustainable?

30 September 2022

Why is BabyLoop sustainable?

BabyLoop is sustainable in many ways. From the products we offer, to the optimal reuse of the products, to the way they are delivered and the payments we make.

BabyLoop sustainable

Less CO2 impact

Did you know that: “A child’s annual CO2 emission is equal to flying back and forth to the US 3 times a month?”

Linda Nijenhuis of Milieu Centraal indicates that: “Baby items are usually not used until the end of their lifespan. Renting, sharing or second-hand is always better, because you save raw materials and production energy.”

As a circular user of the BabyLoop platform, you not only get access to premium products, but you also help to reduce emissions and let producers develop more sustainable baby products. In short, you make a social impact and contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals 9, 11 and 12.

BabyLoop = Sustainable?

What does BabyLoop do besides reusing products? Firstly, we offer products from producers who consider sustainability to be of paramount importance. In addition, we look at the material use of the various products, for example the fitted sheet is made of organic cotton and bears the Oeko-tex quality mark. We also pay attention to whether the products are sturdy and can last for several generations.

For every 100 euros we spend, 1 tree is planted. And we have made our supply chain more sustainable. DPD is our preferred supplier in the field of parcels. These packages are delivered CO2 neutral.

But of course we achieve the greatest profit by reusing all items, so that less waste or fewer raw materials are used and we minimize our CO2 footprint. 

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