Babysitting your grandchild

26 September 2022

Babysitting your grandchild tips

It’ll come back to you within seconds. But babysitting a young baby for the first time as a grandmother can be quite exciting. What about those diapers? To what extent do I have to fill the bottle, and what do I actually need for such a little one?

Of course the grandma and grandpa don’t have to get a complete layette at home, but a number of things are very handy so that the new parents don’t have to take a lot of things with them when they come to visit or when grandma and grandpa babysit for a day.

Here are some tips to make babysitting run smoothly. 

    1. Create a safe environment

It is recommended to create a safe environment for your grandchild. This is possible by means of a play mat or a box from Bopita. With the help of a changing pad, you can easily create a place to change. A bouncer (eg from BabyBjorn that is easily foldable) or a high chair with a Newborn set is practical for feeding your grandchild. Small children sleep a lot and that is why a camping bed is also recommended for grandparents. This way the baby can sleep peacefully in a safe place. You can also use a camping cot as a box, or vice versa. 

babysitting grandchild
  1. Take notes as a reminder

You get an instruction from the mother (or father), which sounds very logical and which you think you will remember. It may be helpful to write down these instructions. Your grandchild will soon be hungry, crying loudly and you are trying to get the bottle ready as soon as possible. There is a very good chance that because of the hectic pace you no longer know exactly. Of course, this applies to more situations while babysitting. Use a note as a reminder for:

  • Nutrition (amount and times)
  • Sleeping (when, how long, clothing and rituals such as hugs or music)
  • Any medication and vitamins if applicable

  1. Practice together how the baby gear works

Are you going out with the little one? Then practice in advance how the pram works and how to secure the baby properly and safely in the pram, the bouncer and car seat.

If you’re babysitting for a little longer, you’ll probably want to give him or her a bath too. Also try this beforehand. How do you set up the bath properly and steady? How do you test if the water temperature is right? And how do you hold the baby easily and safely? It’s nice if you’ve seen it all again, before the parents leave and you have to do it yourself.

  1. Enjoy!

Make sure you are well prepared for the first time babysitting, then you can really enjoy being with your grandson or daughter. And you will see that it goes more naturally the second time.

We hope these tips make babysitting more fun granny!

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