Circular economy

15 April 2024

Together towards a circular economy; the benefits of the subscription model.

Children grow up in the blink of an eye, develop into curious explorers and experience new adventures every day. This rapid growth in children requires flexibility in the supplies and support they need. Unfortunately, products for children are often only used for a short time, which is not only expensive for the wallet but also harmful to the planet. Fortunately, the subscription model offers an alternative that is not only cheaper, but also more sustainable!

Because by choosing to reuse and repair products, we reduce our CO2 impact. Did you know that you save 100 kg of CO2 per bicycle not produced? We do this together. As an organization, together with you and together with more and more companies that offer this type of service.


We work on our mission together with companies such as BikeFlip, a company that is committed to increasing the circularity of children’s bicycles. Just like with the simple and reliable BabyLoop subscription, you pay a fixed amount per month for the period in which you actually use the bicycle. So no waste. When your little one is ready for the next bike, BikeFlip will come by to swap the bike! And if a bicycle is broken, they will come to you for free within 48 hours to repair the bicycle! Now that’s what we call top service 🙂

The bicycles are professionally refurbished and are again of top quality. Moreover, BikeFlip is not only circular, but also socially involved. It is a recognized training company that helps people reintegrate into paid employment. At the workshop, a diverse group of people work on repairing and refurbishing bicycles under the guidance of skilled instructors.

Let’s build a future together in which circular sustainability and responsibility go hand in hand. A future in which we contribute to positive change. Together we make the world a little more beautiful, step by step, product by product, smile by smile. This starts now, together with us.

We are very grateful that you want to contribute to our joint mission and are therefore happy to offer you a discount for the first few months at BikeFlip with the code: BABYLOOP24. Try it out!

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