Co-sleeper up to what age?

26 September 2022

Co-sleeper up to what age?

We often get the question “up to what age do you use a co-sleeper for your baby, what should I pay attention to with a co-sleeper and what is the best co-sleeper?” A co-sleeper is one of the must-haves for parents who love to sleep. 🙂 And since not all babies fit (very long) in a co-sleeper, you can also choose to borrow or rent it instead of buying it.

 Co-sleeper up to what age?

Co-sleeper up to what age?

On average, a co-sleeper can be used until your baby is about 6 months old. But this can vary by brand. Always adhere to the maximum age recommended by the manufacturer. And always switch to a crib if your little one can sit upright or on his knees.

Tips for a great co-sleeper

  • Adjustable to mattress height. The cot must be adjustable, so that there is no height difference between your mattress and that of your baby.

  • Easy to attach to your bed. A co-sleeper must be able to be securely attached to your own bed, so that it cannot move. You also prevent a gap between your beds where your baby can fall. So check regularly whether the co-sleeper is still firmly attached to your bed.

  • Easy to use. The co-sleeper must of course be intuitive to operate. So simple that when you wake up at night, you can open the folding side within 1 second.

  • Window for contact and ventilation. The window of the flip-up side must be breathable, so that this provides better ventilation and visual contact between you and your child.

  • Get the right mattress: A baby mattress must fit perfectly in the cot. There should be no more than a finger’s width between the edge of the mattress and the cot. Make sure that the mattress does not curl up because the cover is too tight. The cover of the mattress must also be removable and washable, preferably at 60°C. Furthermore, the mattress itself should not be so soft that your child’s head sinks into it. It should be so hard that the mouth is still completely free when your baby turns on its side or stomach.

Always make sure that you make the bed correctly.

The best co-sleeper is…

There are no really bad co-sleepers. It is often about taste and what you find nice and convenient for your little one. The crib of the Chicco Next to Me Dream is slightly larger than the average crib, which is nice if you have a larger baby. Or if you like to have your baby in your room a little longer 🙂 Because the crib mattress is a bit larger, it is necessary to purchase the corresponding fitted sheets. The dimensions of the mattress are: 83x50cm. That is slightly larger than an average 80x40cm mattress. The Chicco crib is also easy to set up and take apart. Check this blog to see why we chose the Chicco Next2Me Dream.

The Snuzpod co-sleeper is a true beauty with natural Scandinavian looks. Setting up and taking apart takes a little more time than, for example, the Chicco crib, but fortunately that is a one-time thing. Your little one will sleep wonderfully in this! The rocking position and anti-reflux position are the favorite features of many parents.

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