Difference Snuzpod 3 and 4

26 September 2022

What are the differences between the Snuzpod 3 and Snuzpod 4?

At a first glance, the Snuzpod 3 and the Snuzpod 4 might look the exact same. However, there are a few minor differences.

We went to do the research and wrote this blog to share the knowledge with you! After the Snuzpod 3 hit the market some new safety guidelines were made for bedside cribs. The Snuzpod 4 meets all of these new safety standards. The new safety standards state that co-sleepers need to have a barrier of 12 cm to ensure your little one can’t role out of the crib and into your bed while exploring. The Snuzpod 4 takes this into account by creating a new half-zip side wall and a breathable half-height barrier walls, like an inside ”basket”. These half-height walls can stay up during the night so you can easily reach your child to feed them without having to unzip the side wall. The mattress also has received an upgrade. On top of already being made of 100% OEKO-Tex certified materials, it has now also fully breathable.

Another big difference is in the height. The Snuzpod 3 is suitable for beds with a height of up to 63 cm and the Snuzpod 4 is suitable for beds with a height of 73 cm. Very handy for modern (box spring) beds! 

Similarities between the Snuzpod 3 and 4

The looks of the Snuzpod have (fortunately) remained the same. Both models also have an anti-reflux setting, lift-off bassinet and rocking stand, so you can rock the crib easily.

Do you miss certain things in this review of the differences between the Snuzpod 3 and the Snuzpod 4, let us know! We are happy to answer your questions!

Safety Warning: Only open the front of the Snuzpod when feeding the baby. When you & your baby are sleeping, the front should be zipped shut.

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