Holiday with baby

26 September 2022

Go on holiday with your baby

Are you planning your first vacation with your baby soon? Then preferably go by car if possible! ⁠ This way you can take everything with you and you don’t have choice stress about what can and can’t go with you – and that’s great 😍⁠ But before you go on a trip…⁠

Choose a car seat with a reclining position or a travel cot

Your child should not sit in the sitting position for that long, because this is not good for the back. A lying position on your car seat is therefore ideal ⁠. For babies up to 70cm there is the Maxi Cosi Jade carrycot. With an ordinary car seat you run the risk that your little one will fall asleep with the head forward on the chest.⁠ Because the little ones lie down in the Jade, the breathing passages are completely free and they can sleep relaxed and safe. You can rent the Maxi Cosi Jade from € 15,- per week.

Make sure you have a free spot in the back seat

Chances are that one of the two parents will occasionally want to sit in the back with the baby and it is annoying to ‘convert’ the car on the way. Sitting in the back is the most useful when your baby is restless for a while. This way you don’t have to stop at every gas station, that makes the journey a lot faster and more relaxed without baby crying!

maxi cosi jade car

Packing list holiday with baby

You are going on holiday with your baby soon, but find it difficult to estimate what to bring with you  ⁠

Don’t drive yourself crazy and stick to this packing list, then you won’t forget anything important!

  • Care ✔️ Baby shampoo and soap bar ✔️ Diapers, butt cream and wipes ✔️ Sunscreen and after sun ✔️ Toothbrush and toothpaste ✔️ Plasters, disinfectant, Paracetamol and possibly medicines
  • 𝐒𝐥ee𝐩 ✔️ Pacifiers ✔️ Favorite cuddly toys ✔️ Pajamas and sleeping bag ✔️ Camping/Travel cot ✔️ Sheets and hydrophilic diapers
  • Food ✔️ Baby food, bottle and dispensers ✔️ Drinking cup ✔️ Bibs and silicone eating set ✔️ Baby Bjorn bouncer ✔️ Vegetable & fruit snacks for the road from MamaDeli
  • Travel ✔️ Collapsible buggy or pram ✔️ Sling or baby carrier ✔️ Car seat (possibly with Isofix) ✔️ Diaper bag with bag for dirty items ✔️ Pacifier and favorite cuddly toy
  • Clothing ✔️ Short and long clothes / rompers ✔️ Swimwear and swimming diapers ✔️ Sun hat or cap ✔️ Bath cape ✔️ Socks, shoes and possibly water shoes

And if you have a foldable travel cot (from €10/week), Maxi Cosi (€6.90/month), folding Babybjorn bouncer (€13.90/month), or folding baby bath (€4.90/month ), you can also easily rent this from us for the time you go on holiday with baby .

Do you have questions about this packing list, or holiday with baby? Do not hesitate and send us a message via WhatsApp, call or send an email!

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