Maternity period tips

26 September 2022

Tips for a relaxed maternity period

It’s probably not always as peaceful as in this photo during the maternity period 💤

That’s why we have 5 tips for you and your partner to get through the first period with your little one 🐥⁠ 

Maternity period tips

🍼Don’t be sad if breastfeeding doesn’t work! Sometimes it just doesn’t work and you have to bottle feed your baby. That does not mean that it is bad for your child or that you can take care of him less. ⁠

🍼Ask for help! It can be hard to admit that you still need help from multiple people and you and your partner can’t do everything on your own. So also bring in your in-laws and parents, friends and maybe a cleaner. ⁠ ⁠ Evening with a crying baby on your arm is exhausting. Also ask for help with cooking if it becomes too much for you and your partner. Invite the maternity visit around dinner time and let them cook or bring food. You can of course also request gift vouchers for Takeaway as a maternity gift. ⁠ ⁠

🍼Distribute the tasks better! Plan ahead with your partner and decide together how much time everyone will spend at home after the birth. This also makes your partner much more involved in the care of your baby. ⁠ ⁠

🍼 Don’t plan too many maternity visits! Visiting during the maternity period is fun, but also costs a lot of time and energy. So be careful about how many people you invite and only ask people who are very close to you to come over in the first few weeks. ⁠

Often new mothers are expected to be back in shape, socially active and working in no time. According to Dr. Julie Wray takes most new mothers up to a year to recover mentally and physically after giving birth. That makes us think why so many mothers pick up their “old” lives within six weeks.⁠ It is therefore very important that you listen to your body after giving birth and that you do not put yourself under pressure. Take it easy (as much as is possible with a baby ;-)) also after the maternity period and also try to schedule time for relaxation 🧘‍♀️ Try to do as much as possible when you are ready to get out of your cocoon, to get outside and get to work!⁠⠀

We are happy to unburden you by delivering your baby items (last-minute or nicely planned) to your home and collecting them again when you no longer need them.

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