Photography tips for babies

5 December 2023

Photography tips for babies: capturing unforgettable moments!

Photographing your child; something that every parent is busy with these days. We are now also fortunate that it is very easy to capture all the beautiful moments of your baby. It’s fun now and certainly for later. What could be more fun than doing this professionally? A nice photo to hang on the wall or to put on a card. You do take some things into account. Are you planning to photograph your baby? Then read on! ​

Use of photo

Before you take the photo, think about what you want to use it for. Do you want to have a photo printed on canvas? Since the photo is greatly enlarged, make sure it is sharp. Are you planning to make a photo calendar? Then of course you go for photos that match the time of year. Good preparation is half the battle, even during a photo shoot!

Timing is important

You also take this into account when you take the photo. A baby who is tired and hungry is unlikely to cooperate well in a photo shoot. So make sure the baby is rested and has eaten well. Also pay close attention to any smiles; Of course you must have those photos. When you make a photo album, you don’t have to worry about it as much. You can store as many photos as you want in it. Not every photo has to be perfect!

Make use of props

Do you choose a theme photo? Then use the nicest props, such as hats and cuddly toys. Are you going to use the photo for a Christmas card? Then of course you put your baby in a cute elf suit and put up a cozy Christmas tree. For an Easter-themed photo shoot, arrange cute bunny ears and lots of Easter eggs. Using props can also make the baby make a funny face or laugh. Just make sure they aren’t too overwhelming.

Use natural light

Finally, use natural light where possible. Go for daylight instead of bright studio light. This creates a soft atmosphere and fewer shadows. This way, the photo will get a sweet and cozy feeling faster. In addition, loud flashes can scare the baby. This causes them to close their eyes and you cannot use the photo. So pay close attention to the light you use!

As you can see, there is a lot involved when photographing a baby. Before you take the photo, think about what you will use it for. Then pay attention to the timing when taking photos: did your child eat and sleep well? Be sure to use props to spice up the photo and get a happy reaction from your baby. Finally, you mainly use natural light to keep the photo as soft as possible. So, grab that camera and start taking pictures!

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