Pregnant & Nauseous?

28 November 2022

8 out of 10 women experience nausea at the start of their pregnancy. It usually starts between the 4th and 7th week of pregnancy. Many women have the most complaints around the 9th week of pregnancy. You can feel nauseous all day, or only in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are super important when you are pregnant. New life is growing in you and that takes a LOT of energy.

In the 1st trimester, all this is important for: implantation, the production of extra blood cells, the making of copies (DNA), a healthy placenta and sufficient iron, Vit B12 and B11 (folic acid).

But what if you’re pregnant and nauseous and can’t think about food?

Simple: Then just eat what works.

Below are some eating tips:

🌸 Eat enough carbs. Easily absorbable and an important building material for your child! Think of soup with sweet potato/carrot and coconut milk, fruit with raw nuts, thick spelled toast, etc. See what works for you! Oatmeal cookies, spelled breadsticks and maria biscuits are almost always possible. 😂

Eat neutral. Watch out for spicy food. Corn waffles with organic cheese and honey or medjoul dates with walnuts/hard cheese. Or a basic oatmeal with apple or a fresh smoothie.

🌸 Soups are great. Nicely enriched with toppings such as feta, pumpkin seeds and toasted 100% spelled bread, for example.

Ginger tea, super for your digestion and works against nausea.

🌸 Don’t push yourself to eat vegetables if you don’t like it. Rather take Multi Mama Vitamin pils.

Pregnant & Nauseous | Effect on your baby

And what effect does this have on your baby if you keep little down? There’s nothing wrong with worrying about this. But….. don’t worry! The female body is so smart! In the first weeks, glands in the endometrium feed your little one, while the placenta grows. How you ate in the 3 months before your pregnancy may influence this. So keep that in mind 🙂 Around week 14 the placenta will then completely take over the transfer of the nutrients – this is usually the moment when the nausea stops and you can start enjoying pregnancy!

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