Running with a stroller | Tips

28 September 2023

Running with a stroller

I think the biggest tip of all is to accept that every run is a good session, even if it doesn’t go as planned. So you might only get two kilometers instead of the five you had in mind. Better than nothing!

But here are some tips to make running with a stroller as good and easy as possible 🙂

run with stroller

1. Timing is everything!

Adapt yourself to the rhythm of your child. Think of it as a simple equation: happy mom or dad + happy baby = great run. Of course, that’s easier said than done! Make sure you are well prepared and flexible to switch plans. Because especially with younger children, you may have to adjust your plans to suit their needs. What works well with toddlers is to involve them in the running session. And of course, remember to bring all the necessities: water, snacks, diapers and your child’s favorite cuddly toy or toy!

2. Check the weather forecast

Think of your little passenger! Make sure it is not too hot or too cold in the stroller. A multi-position hood adds protection.

3. Make sure you have the right gear

A running stroller has large wheels and suspension, so your child can enjoy a comfortable ride. In combination with the 5-point belt, the Thule running stroller is perfectly safe. Make sure that the hood has a viewing hatch so you can see your child. For you, good gear means longer and faster sessions. And enjoy more for your child!

4. How should I run with a stroller?

Take it easy in the beginning. You will need some time to get used to the new cadence. Even with a lightweight stroller, getting up a hill can be a challenge!

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