Second hand baby clothes stores

18 December 2023

Sustainability in Style: Discover our favorite Secondhand Baby Clothing stores

Second-hand stores are no longer dusty. And since your little one is growing like crazy, you’ll need clothes in a new size every few months; even if you buy a size larger and turn up the sleeves ;-). Fortunately, the Netherlands has a range of second-hand baby clothing stores with a perfect balance of style, sustainability and affordability.

Why Secondhand Baby Clothes?

Buying second-hand baby clothes not only offers a financial benefit, but it is also a great way to shop sustainably. By choosing second-hand clothing you contribute to reducing the textile mountain and give clothing a second life. The stores below have been carefully selected by us and offer high-quality clothing for a fraction of the original price. And since you can see and feel the clothes in the store, second-hand is just as easy and fun as buying new!

Discover our favorite Secondhand Baby Clothing stores in the Netherlands

  1. Deugniet (Utrecht): With a focus on sustainability, this store offers a wide range of stylish and environmentally friendly baby and children’s clothing.
  2. Coco Loco (Eindhoven): Colorful store with a combination of second-hand and sustainable new clothing and toys and great gifts.
  3. Otis en de Wolf (Amsterdam): A very nice place known for its selection of high-quality second-hand baby clothing, children’s clothing and women’s clothing from different brands and styles.
  4. Bim Bam Buisje (Enschede): A very cute shop dedicated to second-hand children’s clothing in different sizes.
  5. Set est prêt (Rotterdam): Specialized in second-hand children’s clothing with a range of options for babies and toddlers from different brands and styles.
  6. Happy Koters (Groningen): A shop that only sells new-looking second-hand children’s clothing and maternity clothing.
  7. Studio Zoef (Nijmegen): A place where beautiful, good quality clothing is sold with a love for authenticity and life.
  8. Kortjakje (Utrecht): Second-hand baby clothes and children’s clothes, in excellent condition and often made of sustainable materials.
  9. Le Fanfare (Rotterdam): is a kids concept store with courage, a store where people can explore. A wide range of clothing, toys and children’s lifestyle.
  10. Ziggy+Lucy (Amsterdam): A store that focuses on high-quality second-hand baby and children’s clothing, with a carefully curated selection.
  11. Achtung! Baby (The Hague): Here they sell a combination of second-hand and sustainable new clothing where you rarely walk out empty-handed.
  12. ReShare Store (throughout the Netherlands): these stores belong to the Salvation Army and are real treasure troves for second-hand finds. They often have a separate section for baby and children’s clothing. Also nice: you can also directly support a good cause!

Tips for Secondhand Baby Clothes

  • Inspect thoroughly: Check clothing for any defects, stains or wear before purchasing.
  • Quality: Choose clothing made from sustainable materials and look for brands that focus on eco-friendly clothing.
  • Wash before use: Wash the clothes thoroughly before giving them to your baby. This removes any bacteria and ensures that the clothes are clean and fresh for your baby.
  • Look at the size and season: Pay attention to the size of the clothing and the season for which it is intended. You don’t want your baby to wear clothes that are too tight or not appropriate for the current season.
  • Clothing collection: If you also want to bring in clothes, pay attention to which season the store asks for, on which days you can bring in and whether there is a (temporary) collection stop.

If you can’t figure it out or don’t live near one of these top stores, you can always search on Vinted, which will give you a wide range of styles and sizes. But if you want to do this sustainably, buy multiple items from 1 person, this will save on transport emissions.


Second-hand baby clothing stores not only offer opportunities to find cute and high-quality clothes for your little one, but also contribute to a more sustainable world. With the diversity of stores and online platforms, it is easy to create a sustainable and stylish wardrobe for your baby, while at the same time contributing to a more circular economy; a win-win!

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