Second-hand Maxi Cosi safe?

26 September 2022

Is it safe to use a second-hand Maxi Cosi?

We often get this question and to give a straight forward answer: Yes, it is safe to use a second-hand Maxi Cosi, provided the car seat meets a number of safety conditions. At BabyLoop, we always carry out a number of safety checks to ensure that we only have quality products in our rental range. We do this by, for example, checking whether the polystyrene foam is still intact and whether there are any cracks or deformations in it. We also make sure that the car seat is not too old; Maxi Cosi’s over 8 years old are generally ‘worn out’. Although you can’t see it on the outside the plastic ages due to exposure to sunlight (UV radiation). We also only have car seats in our range that meet the safety standards. Check out the results of the ANWB test of car seats that were tested in the autumn of 2020.  

This way you can be sure that your child is transported safely! 

Second-hand car seat safe
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Is a second-hand Maxi Cosi safe? | Things you can do yourself!

The most important thing you need to do is install and use the (second-hand) Maxi Cosi correctly in accordance with the supplied manual. This makes it perfectly safe for reusing. Logically, a car seat that is loose does not offer good protection 🙂

We also recommend that you tighten the straps well, so that it provides good protection in the event of a collision. It is recommended to place 2 fingers between the belt and your baby.

Another things you can do is add an IsoFix base to your baby car seat for extra safety. This way, the Maxi Cosi CabrioFix suddenly turns into a 5-star seat instead of a 4-star seat. But same here: correct installation of the IsoFix in combination with the Maxi Cosi is the most important. There are two hooks on the back of the car seat that you can click onto the attachment points in your car. Please note, not every car is equipped with an Isofix attachment point on the rear seat. Check whether the Maxi Cosi (possibly with IsoFix) fits in your car.

The Pebble Plus, in and of itself, is a 5 star seat in terms of safety and complies with the i-Size legislation. But, you can of course also add an IsoFix base just to be sure.

What are the latest safety standards?

A new standard has been introduced for car seats as of June 2018. This states that children up to 15 months must be transported backwards and that the seat must be secured with IsoFix. You can still use seats with belt attachments, but they will soon disappear from the market. When buying a car seat, make sure that it says ‘I-size’ so you know that they comply with the new legislation. This is, for example, the Pebble Plus from Maxi-Cosi.

If you are not yet convinced whether it is safe to use a second-hand Maxi Cosi car seat, please contact us!

Please note, young babies should not be in a Maxi Cosi for too long in one day. It is advisable to only let babies sit in baby products, such as a Maxi Cosi car seat or Stokke Newborn set, for a maximum of 1.5 hours a day.

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