Small baby room inspiration

30 September 2022

4 ideas to decorate a small baby room 

Ideally you want a spacious bedroom for your child, but this depends entirely on the layout of your house. A consolation, you can also furnish a small baby room super cool, only you have to deal with the space a little more creatively. “Challenge accepted!” Below we give you a few tips and ideas that will help you design a small baby room.

  1. Focus on the essentials

Buy only what you really need. This may be an open door, but very true 😊. The essentials in our opinion are:

  • Bed to sleep in
  • A (small) changing table with accessories, changing pad, etc.
  • Curtains or something else blackout for the windows so that your child can sleep peacefully
  • A cupboard (see also 4th tip about height)

What many mothers like is a heaven above the bed. But if you have a small room, a heaven can quickly become colossal. A nice alternative is a music mobile above the bed.

You can immediately start as a ritual before going to sleep. You can also put a nice chair in the baby room, so that you can feed your little one (at night) in his/her own palace. But this is certainly not a must, because you can also do this in another room in the house.

Small baby room ideas
  1. Minimalistic.

Do not use busy prints and wallpaper for the walls, this makes the space seem smaller. The same goes for color use. Dark colors make the room smaller. Therefore, work with light colours, natural materials such as wood and combine this with a fresh color. You could possibly make a mural. It does not take up any space and immediately dresses up the room.

There are way too many cute baby room accessories to shop for, but try to hold back. For a small room, ‘less is more’ applies. By putting down a lot of things, the room quickly looks messy and small. A beautiful accessory that makes the room appear larger is a mirror.

  1. Folding furniture?

Perhaps this is the first thing you think of to save space, but we think this is a No go. This is because folding furniture often secretly takes up quite a bit of space, which you can’t use for anything else. In addition, folding furniture is generally just not sturdy enough. And you should still have a closet or something similar to store your things. 

  1. Emphasize the height!

Perfect for a small space are tall cabinets or built-in wardrobes with sliding doors where you can store a lot. The empty space above the door of the room is ideal to use for shelves or a small cupboard. Hanging floating shelves above the chest of drawers is also a lot of fun. Floating shelves give a spatial and playful effect 😊

Curtains from top to bottom emphasize the height of your nursery. You can also do a lot with lighting. By having lighting in several places, the walls are optimally illuminated and the room appears larger. And by pointing a wall lamp upwards, you emphasize the height.

Also consider putting plants in the baby’s room. Plants aren’t just fun for the living room! Greenery in the nursery is healthy, because it purifies the air! For more information on why it is good to place plants in the nursery, see our Instagram post.

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