Stokke newborn set: old vs new model

30 September 2022

Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn set old vs new model

The most frequently asked questions about the Stokke Newborn set for the Tripp Trapp high chair are: What is the difference between the old and the new model? And, does the old model of the Newborn set fit on my new Tripp Trapp chair? Or vice versa, does the new model fit on my older chair? In this blog we will answer all your questions.

The difference between the old and the new model of the Newborn set

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There is one important difference between the old and the new model of the Stokke Newborn set and that is that, with the new model, you can change the seats positioning. The old model only has one position, whereas the new model has 2 seat positions: a sitting and lying position. The lying position is mainly used during the first 0-2 months, since ”sitting” isn’t good for a little baby this early on. After this, you can start making the transition to the sitting position. The new model can therefore be used immediately after birth. On top of this, you can easily switch between the two positions using the handle on the bottom of the Newborn set. The new model can thus easily be recognized by this handle. You won’t really be able to start using the old model of the Newborn set until your little one is about 1.5-2 months old.

Another feature to be able to keep the old and new models apart is by looking at the colour of the seat covers. The old model is available in the colour beige, whereas the new models are available in 3 different colours: Confetti Jade, Coral Confetti & Grey. However, Stokke has now decided to only keep producing the Grey colour. At BabyLoop, we therefore only have the Confetti Jade colour available every now and then (only Refurbished).

Do all Newborn sets, old & new model, fit on all Tripp Trapp chairs?

It is of course important to know which Newborn set fits on which Tripp Trapp chair. A question we often get asked is: ”Does the old model fit on my new chair?” Or the other way around: ”Does the new model fit on my old chair?” The answer is: yes, all newborn sets in the new and old model will fit on older and new Tripp Trapp chairs if your chair is produced after May 2003.

One of the most common misconceptions is that an old Tripp Trapp will only fit the old model Newborn set and that the new model Newborn set will only fit a new Stokke Tripp Trapp new model. So that’s not right at all. Both models are very handy to combine with each other!

You can easily check when your chair is produced by looking at the serial number under the chair. All chairs with serial numbers starting with a 3 or higher will be suitable for the Newborn sets. Don’t see the serial number? Check this blog for more information on recognizing what Tripp Trapp chair you have and which accessoires will fit on it.

Click here, if you want to know until what age you can use the Newborn set and what would be a good moment to transition to the Stokke Baby set, can be expanded with Tray and Harness. Curious which products are more suitable for second-hand use? Check it out!

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