Stokke Newborn set | Up to what age?

30 September 2022

Stokke Newborn set up to what age to use?

At BabyLoop we often get asked up to what age you can use the Newborn set by Stokke. The Newborn set is a must have item for any young family and, since you only need it for a short amount of time, it is the perfect item to rent. The seat is ideal for the curious baby who wants to be with you at all times. And let’s be honest, it is also just really nice to have everyone at the table to eat together. Your little one will be comfortable and secure.

I got this quote from a dad that perfectly illustrates the comfort and joy of using the Stokke Newborn set: ”With the Stokke Newborn set you can enjoy the Tripp Trapp chair from day one. It is in fact a kind of seat that you can easily attach to the chair, so that even the little ones can join the table.

up to what age to use a newborn set
The baby set and newborn set from stokke are cozy and easy to use

When can I start using a Newborn set and for how long?

From what age you can start using the Stokke Newborn set depends on the model you have. The new model is directly usable from birth. With the older model, we recommend to only start using from about 1 to 1.5 months after the birth.

But up until what age can you use the Newborn set? And, do I actually need it? The technical answer from Stokke is that you can use the set until the baby is 9 kg. This is of course technically correct. However, what we see at BabyLoop is that parents use the seat until the little sprout is about 6-7 months old. After this, your child will often want to move around more and would rather sit up more.

From the moment the little one is able to sit up straight for a little while, you can make the switch from the Newborn set to the Baby set by Stokke. If you make this switch too soon your baby will be too unstable, causing the head and neck to move around too much. So pay attention to the right and natural moment for you to make the switch. At BabyLoop you can always switch out the Newborn set for the Baby set, optionally supplemented with a Harness for adventurous kids and a Tray to transform your chair into a complete high chair.

Lease your Newborn set and save up to 70% (and it’s sustainable)!

Another question we often get asked is if it is really necessary to buy this seat on top of all the other baby stuff you probably have collected by now. From experience I can honestly tell you that putting a bouncer on top of the table is also possible, but that the Newborn set is way more safe as it securely attaches to the Tripp Tripp chair and your child cannot fall off the table.

It is also just really nice to have the little one at eye height instead of them looking down on you. What’s also super convenient is that your baby can join you in the kitchen when you cook and can look around at all that is happening. Or, just to give snacks 😉

In general, leasing evokes the association that it is super expensive and that it is better to buy all the baby equipment if you want more than 1 child. However, I invite you to take a good look at this small calculation example to illustrate our affordability:

A new Stokke Newborn set costs €104. With an average use of 4 months, renting costs you €7,90 x 4 = €31,60. That is ~30% of the original purchase amount. So even if you get 3 kids leasing is still cheaper than buying new products.

Less stuff taking up space and quality guaranteed!

With renting, you won’t need any extra storage space until you need the set again. When choosing Refurbished items, you have the advantage of not having to deal with the hassle of Marktplaats (or any online marketplace) and you get the products delivered to your home, nice and easy. On of this, the possibly biggest advantage is that the quality of the products is guaranteed, while with buying from an online marketplace you are just gonna have to wait and see whether the product is actually ”as good as new” or if the seller used the term very loosely 😉

Curious about what other products are perfect for renting? Check out this blog!

Please note: young babies should not sit in the Newborn set for too long in one day. It is advised to put babies in products such as a bouncer, Newborn set, or car seat for a maximum of 1.5 hours a day.

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