Stokke Tray vs Playtray

26 September 2022

Stokke Tray vs Playtray

What is the difference between the Stokke Tray and the Stokke Playtray? The advantage of both table tops is that you can play with them without having to worry about the tablecloth and other things that are pulled from the table by the eager children’s hands. Even later when the weather is nice outside, you can give a snack in the garden and your little one can play on this tray. 

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Advantages Stokke tray:

  • Easy to clean (can also be put in the dishwasher).
  • Fits exactly to the baby set.

Disadvantages Stokke tray:

  • Only fits Baby Set V2 and V3 (Model number is on the inside right side of the Baby Set).

Advantages Playtray:

  • Fits all Stokke chairs, including the old version with a wooden bracket.
  • It has a raised edge, so that liquids and food residues remain on the top.

Disadvantages Playtray:

  • Depending on the Baby Set variant you have, the Playtray does not always connect to the bracket edge of the Baby Set. A gap remains between them, where food and drink can fall in between.
  • In addition, the white tray and the transparent variant are difficult to clean because, for example, red pasta sauce would soak in it.

Conclusion Tray vs Playtray

As always, it depends on what you’re looking for in a tray and which version of the Tripp Trapp you have. Whether you go for the Stokke Tray or the Playtray, both have advantages and disadvantages. Read the pros and cons again and choose which Tray suits you/your little one best!

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