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26 September 2022

Toys subscription at Beleef het Us

Children are naturally curious. I therefore believe in stimulating discovery in children to help them develop their own. Open-ended toys stimulate your little one’s imagination. Open-ended toys are toys where the outcome is not fixed. The advantage of this is that this toy has a different purpose for every child and at every stage. That not only makes it last longer, but it also provokes imagination and creativity. Every child does something different with it.

One of the best known open-ended toy materials are wooden blocks. Babies suck on it and put the blocks in and out of the box, toddlers stack them on top of each other and toddlers turn them into buildings or a race track. Your child sees much more than just a block and maybe this block in your child’s environment changes just as easily into a telephone or hamster.

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At Beleef het Us they have a wonderful selection of special toys that challenge children, and thus contribute to their own development. The range includes toys for children aged 0 to 6 years. The wooden water blocks from PlayToys (see photo) are a classic with which your child can enjoy hours of fun. If you are not sure which toys suit your little one’s development, Nina will give you perfectly personalized advice that perfectly matches the wishes of your child.

There is also the possibility to be surprised with the toy subscription. You will then receive new toys every month/quarter that suit the age and development phase of your child. This is completely in line with BabyLoop’s conscious and sustainable attitude! In addition, this special toy is not cheap and not everyone has storage space to store all the changing toys.

Beleef het Us follows the philosophy of Reggio Emilia (has many similarities with Montessori, but lived just 1 village away in Italy). The Reggio Emilia approach is about listening instead of telling. You study the child (listen) and adapt your offer to the demand and interests of the child. Because every child has its own personal talents and interests to stimulate from birth.

Do you want to know more about renting toys? Please contact Nina from Beleef het us (Experience it).

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