Sustainable living with a baby

26 September 2022

Sustainable living with a baby

It’s possible!

We give you some practical tips to organize your life with a baby as sustainably as possible.

The subject of ‘baby & sustainable’ is a dilemma in our western society. What amount of stuff do you ‘need’! And that while a mother in Africa has enough of a sling?! But yes, most products are comfortable, safe or hygienic. Because how do you change a baby without a changing table; to the ground? Good for your back to do that 10 times a day. And how did you wash your baby without a bath; slithering on one arm in the shower while you wash it with the other arm, or in the sink? Not to mention the fines when you go out without a car seat. Everything is possible, but ideal is different.

But it must be possible to reduce a child’s CO2 emissions, right? After the first few months of full diapers, lots of baths and clothes that quickly became too small, it soon becomes apparent that living sustainably with a baby is not as easy as it seems. Especially the pace at which a baby grows and the pace at which he gets dirty makes sustainable living with a baby a challenge.

second hand bouncer

Tip 1. Borrow.

Borrowing from people in your area is of course also an option and saves you both costs and stuff.

Tip 2. Second-hand.

For those who prefer to buy the baby equipment (and clothes) themselves, there are many second-hand options. On Marktplaats you can find a world of second-hand prams, high chairs, cots, cupboards and clothes. There are so many babies in the world that there is already enough stuff for everything. a shame and unnecessary to buy something new. Often the items are still very good and even barely used, simply because babies grow so fast and only need everything for a short time. For example, after just three to six months, the average baby is already done with the crib.

Tip 3. Rent. Or you can of course rent the things your child needs for the first months and return them when you no longer need them 😊.

Tip 4. Useful maternity gifts.

In addition, you can also live sustainably by asking useful (second-hand) maternity gifts that you actually need. For example, a baby nest. “A first sustainable step with which you gain a lot is no more presents. Through gifts, people take all kinds of things with them that are very harmful to the environment, both in production, often plastic and packaging material.

Tip 5. Loan library.

And what is also very nice; join the local play library and library: a sustainable outing that allows you to go home with ‘new’ toys and books every time.

Tip 6. Healthy = Sustainable? Health and sustainability often go hand in hand. For example, washable diapers are better for the delicate baby’s bottom, a glass bottle and sustainable toys are healthier because they do not contain microplastics and less in the bath is better for the skin. Healthy eating is also the most sustainable solution when it comes to food. In the first year, a baby is largely satisfied with breastfeeding, it cannot be healthier and more sustainable.

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