The different Chicco co-sleeper models compared.

26 September 2022

Chicco Next to Me co-sleeper

The Chicco co-sleepers are slightly larger than the average co-sleeper. This makes them ideal for larger babies, or babies who like space :-). The cribs are also made of light materials and are easy to assemble and take apart.

The different Chicco co-sleeper models

We have listed the different models of the Chicco co-sleepers for you!

  • Chicco Next to Me
  • Chicco Next to Me Air
  • Chicco Next to Me Dream
  • Chicco Next to Me Magic

Chicco Next to Me Dream

At BabyLoop we have chosen the Chicco Next to Me Dream.

Sleeping position

Always put your child in bed on his back. That is the advice of maternity care and the consultation bureau. It is the safest sleeping position, because the face is so free. Do you not want or can not let your baby sleep on its back? Consult with the doctor (consultation bureau) about the best solution.

  • Tip 1: Always change the direction your baby is facing by gently turning the head. One nap to the left, the next to the right. In this way you limit the chance of a flat head. As soon as a baby can easily turn himself around, it is no problem to let him determine his sleeping position.

  • Tip 2: It is useful to have a reminder which way you put your baby. For example, by attaching something to the left side of the cot if you let your child look to the left. And with the next sleep, attach this to the right side of the bed and put the head to the right, etc. Because with sleep deprivation you can use some extra help.

Don’t tie up your baby

Putting your child to sleep on their back is one of the most important safety tips. But never secure him/her with straps, straps or ‘strut bands’ to prevent your little one from turning on their stomach.

If you are looking for a co-sleeper other than Chicco’s, take a look here!

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