When to buy baby products?

30 September 2022

When should you buy baby products for your little one? | How long do you need these products?

Many parents don’t know when to start buying baby supplies for the upcoming baby. An even more complicated question to ask is, and it is often forgotten, “How long do you need this stuff?”. Because baby items are often used for a shorter period of time than you think in advance. To help you find out which baby items you really need for your layette, we at BabyLoop have created a timeline that shows when and how long you need a certain baby product on average. These times are also an indication of the maximum lease term per product. It is of course possible that your little one grows just a little faster or slower than average and you need a certain product for a shorter or longer period. This is no problem at all, at BabyLoop you can cancel monthly per product when you no longer use the items.


Rent last-minute and carefree baby products

It is often recommended to start the collection of baby products on time. The advantage of renting is that you can do this last-minute. If you have an urgent order (and this has certainly happened :-)) we can deliver your baby items to your home within a few hours. And we’ll come and collect them again when you don’t use the stuff anymore. But it’s probably more relaxed to reserve the stuff in advance. You can even make a reservation 6 months in advance if you wish. Everyone collects the baby stuff in their own way 🙂

Good luck!

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