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First bites

When is it time to start with first bites? When your little one is between 4 and 6 months old, you can start introducing the first small bites. It is important to remember that these

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kosten babyuitzet

Baby costs

What does a baby cost? How much does a baby actually cost and how much does someone roughly spend on a baby set? Please note that these costs can vary widely depending on brands, quality

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tweedehands babykleding winkels

Second hand baby clothes stores

Sustainability in Style: Discover our favorite Secondhand Baby Clothing stores Second-hand stores are no longer dusty. And since your little one is growing like crazy, you’ll need clothes in a new size every few months;

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Fotografie tips voor baby’s

Photography tips for babies

Photography tips for babies: capturing unforgettable moments! Photographing your child; something that every parent is busy with these days. We are now also fortunate that it is very easy to capture all the beautiful moments

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Pregnancy brain

Pregnancy brain “Pregnancy brain” or pregnancy dementia is actually a phenomenon experienced by many women during pregnancy. It refers to the temporary changes in cognitive functions, such as memory, difficulty concentrating or being very forgetful,

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duo wagen huren

Rent a duo stroller

When is a duo stroller useful? Renting a duo stroller is a handy solution if you are expecting twins, or if a brother or sister is coming soon. In a twin stroller you can transport

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bevallen in bad

Giving birth in the bath

A bath birth A bath birth (giving birth in the bath) is a popular way to give birth for many pregnant women. It offers a pleasant and relaxed environment in which you can feel at

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draagzak winter

Baby carrier winter

It’s wonderful to go outside with your baby in a sling or baby carrier. But how do you do that during winter, with all these layers? Wearing a thick winter coat, your child may not

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kruik baby

Hot water bottle baby

A newborn baby cannot yet regulate its own body temperature. It is therefore up to you to keep an eye on your little one’s temperature in the first few weeks. There are plenty of things

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klimaatverandering kinderen

Climate change kids

National Climate Week is a good time to reflect on climate change together 🌍️⁠ ⁠ The age at which you can discuss a topic like climate change with your children differs per child. If

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zwanger misselijk

Pregnant & Nauseous?

8 out of 10 women experience nausea at the start of their pregnancy. It usually starts between the 4th and 7th week of pregnancy. Many women have the most complaints around the 9th week of

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beste co sleeper

Best co sleeper

Which co sleeper suits your baby best? A co sleeper is a special bed for your baby. You can adjust it to different heights and attach it to your bed, so you can sleep together

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prepare baby crib

Prepare baby crib

Prepare baby crib Whoohoo! You are eager to make up your baby’s cot or crib (on the way). But how do you make a baby cot? How Tightly Should You Tuck Your Baby In? We

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