Everything you need to know about Hypnobirthing: A Guide for Pregnant Women When you are pregnant, there is nothing more important than preparing for childbirth. One of the approaches that has received increasing attention in recent years is hypnobirthing. But what exactly is it and how can it benefit you and your baby? What is […]

Sleep regression


How to deal with sleep regression in babies Sleep regression can be a challenging time for both babies and parents. It is a phase in which a baby who previously slept well may suddenly have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or has restless sleep. This period can therefore be super stressful, especially because as a […]

Timeless Neutral Baby Room Ideas

Neutrale Babykamer Ideeën

As an expectant mother, you are probably busy preparing for the arrival of your little one, and one of the most fun aspects is decorating the baby’s room. Whether you know the gender of your baby or not, neutral colors and themes provide a timeless and soothing space that both you and your baby can […]

Circular economy

circulaire economie

Together towards a circular economy; the benefits of the subscription model. Children grow up in the blink of an eye, develop into curious explorers and experience new adventures every day. This rapid growth in children requires flexibility in the supplies and support they need. Unfortunately, products for children are often only used for a short […]

First bites


When is it time to start with first bites? When your little one is between 4 and 6 months old, you can start introducing the first small bites. It is important to remember that these practice bites are not a substitute for breastfeeding or bottle feeding. You can give your baby almost any healthy food, […]

Baby costs

kosten babyuitzet

What does a baby cost? How much does a baby actually cost and how much does someone roughly spend on a baby set? Please note that these costs can vary widely depending on brands, quality and personal preferences. But it’s always nice to have an example, so here’s an overview of the costs: As you […]

Second hand baby clothes stores

tweedehands babykleding winkels

Sustainability in Style: Discover our favorite Secondhand Baby Clothing stores Second-hand stores are no longer dusty. And since your little one is growing like crazy, you’ll need clothes in a new size every few months; even if you buy a size larger and turn up the sleeves ;-). Fortunately, the Netherlands has a range of […]

Photography tips for babies

Fotografie tips voor baby’s

Photography tips for babies: capturing unforgettable moments! Photographing your child; something that every parent is busy with these days. We are now also fortunate that it is very easy to capture all the beautiful moments of your baby. It’s fun now and certainly for later. What could be more fun than doing this professionally? A […]

Pregnancy brain


Pregnancy brain “Pregnancy brain” or pregnancy dementia is actually a phenomenon experienced by many women during pregnancy. It refers to the temporary changes in cognitive functions, such as memory, difficulty concentrating or being very forgetful, and the ability to process information, that some women experience during pregnancy. Although not all women suffer from gestational dementia, […]

Running with a stroller | Tips

hardlopen met kinderwagen

Running with a stroller I think the biggest tip of all is to accept that every run is a good session, even if it doesn’t go as planned. So you might only get two kilometers instead of the five you had in mind. Better than nothing! But here are some tips to make running with […]

Rent a duo stroller

duo wagen huren

When is a duo stroller useful? Renting a duo stroller is a handy solution if you are expecting twins, or if a brother or sister is coming soon. In a twin stroller you can transport two children safely and comfortably in one stroller. Fortunately, because just imagine having to travel with two separate strollers. Fortunately, […]

Giving birth in the bath

bevallen in bad

A bath birth A bath birth (giving birth in the bath) is a popular way to give birth for many pregnant women. It offers a pleasant and relaxed environment in which you can feel at ease during childbirth. The warm water in the bath can help relieve pain and tension, and gravity often makes giving […]

Baby carrier winter

draagzak winter

It’s wonderful to go outside with your baby in a sling or baby carrier. But how do you do that during winter, with all these layers? Wearing a thick winter coat, your child may not sink deep enough into the carrier, if that is indeed the case, choose a thinner coat or maybe one of […]

Hot water bottle baby

kruik baby

A newborn baby cannot yet regulate its own body temperature. It is therefore up to you to keep an eye on your little one’s temperature in the first few weeks. There are plenty of things you can do to keep your little one warm. Cuddling and skin to skin contact, dressing nice and warm, putting […]

Climate change kids

klimaatverandering kinderen

National Climate Week is a good time to reflect on climate change together 🌍️⁠ ⁠ The age at which you can discuss a topic like climate change with your children differs per child. If you are going to talk to your child about a topic that makes an impression, you can stick to the […]

Pregnant & Nauseous?

zwanger misselijk

8 out of 10 women experience nausea at the start of their pregnancy. It usually starts between the 4th and 7th week of pregnancy. Many women have the most complaints around the 9th week of pregnancy. You can feel nauseous all day, or only in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are […]

Best co sleeper

beste co sleeper

Which co sleeper suits your baby best? A co sleeper is a special bed for your baby. You can adjust it to different heights and attach it to your bed, so you can sleep together comfortably. One of the sides of the crib is open or can be opened manually. The open side ensures that […]

Prepare baby crib

prepare baby crib

Prepare baby crib Whoohoo! You are eager to make up your baby’s cot or crib (on the way). But how do you make a baby cot? How Tightly Should You Tuck Your Baby In? We give you some tips on how to make your baby cot safely. Short make-up of the baby cot Important to […]

Baby crib comparison

crib baby

What kind of crib do you choose for your baby? A comparison! What is the best crib for your baby? A crib has the advantage that it is a safe place to sleep that can stand in the master bedroom. This so that your child is close at night to feed or comfort. Because a […]

BabyLoop sustainable?

BabyLoop sustainable

Why is BabyLoop sustainable? BabyLoop is sustainable in many ways. From the products we offer, to the optimal reuse of the products, to the way they are delivered and the payments we make. Less CO2 impact Did you know that: “A child’s annual CO2 emission is equal to flying back and forth to the US […]

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