When to buy baby products? | And how long do you need them?

when buy baby products

When to buy baby products for your little one? | How long do you need the products? Many parents don’t know when to start buying baby supplies for the upcoming baby. An even more complicated question to ask is, and it is often forgotten, “How long do you need this stuff?”. Because baby items are […]

Small baby room inspiration

Kleine babykamer inspiratie

4 ideas to decorate a small baby room  Ideally you want a spacious bedroom for your child, but this depends entirely on the layout of your house. A consolation, you can also furnish a small baby room super cool, only you have to deal with the space a little more creatively. “Challenge accepted!” Below we […]

Attach co-sleeper box spring

co-sleeper box spring

How do you attach a co-sleeper to a box spring? As with everything, it is actually very easy to attach a co-sleeper to your box spring once you know it 🙂 Perhaps ‘the people’ find all the steps very logical, but we thought long and hard about how it works. Yes, the steps are described […]

Stokke newborn set: old vs new model

Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn set old vs new model The most frequently asked questions about the Stokke Newborn set for the Tripp Trapp high chair are: What is the difference between the old and the new model? And, does the old model of the Newborn set fit on my new Tripp Trapp chair? Or vice […]

Baby rocker comparison

Baby rocker

Baby rocker comparison: which rocker do you choose for your baby? What is the best rocker for your baby? At BabyLoop we have listed 3 different types of rockers for you, so that you can choose which type of rocker suits you best. Below is a comparison of 3 types of bouncers: 1. The classic […]

Stokke Newborn set | Up to what age?

Stokke Newborn set | Up to what age?

Stokke Newborn set up to what age to use? At BabyLoop we often get asked up to what age you can use the Newborn set by Stokke. The Newborn set is a must have item for any young family and, since you only need it for a short amount of time, it is the perfect […]

Baby bouncer when

baby bouncer when

Baby bouncers: when to start and until what age? We often get questions about the right moment to start using a bouncer for your baby, until what age you can use one, and which bouncer is the best. After all, a bouncer is one of the must-haves for parents who also want to have their […]

Stokke Tray vs Playtray

Stokke Tray vs Playtray What is the difference between the Stokke Tray and the Stokke Playtray? The advantage of both table tops is that you can play with them without having to worry about the tablecloth and other things that are pulled from the table by the eager children’s hands. Even later when the weather […]

Second-hand baby gear

Second-hand baby gear

Second-hand baby gear: Tips Your layette costs a lot of money. Second-hand is a good option to save costs, but then of course you do not know what has happened to it, whether it has been tinkered with and whether the product still meets the safety standards. How safe is it to buy baby equipment […]

Second-hand Maxi Cosi safe?

Second-hand Maxi Cosi safe

Is it safe to use a second-hand Maxi Cosi? We often get this question and to give a straight forward answer: Yes, it is safe to use a second-hand Maxi Cosi, provided the car seat meets a number of safety conditions. At BabyLoop, we always carry out a number of safety checks to ensure that […]

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