Running with a stroller | Tips

hardlopen met kinderwagen

Running with a stroller I think the biggest tip of all is to accept that every run is a good session, even if it doesn’t go as planned. So you might only get two kilometers instead of the five you had in mind. Better than nothing! But here are some tips to make running with […]

Rent a duo stroller

duo wagen huren

When is a duo stroller useful? Renting a duo stroller is a handy solution if you are expecting twins, or if a brother or sister is coming soon. In a twin stroller you can transport two children safely and comfortably in one stroller. Fortunately, because just imagine having to travel with two separate strollers. Fortunately, […]

Hot water bottle baby

kruik baby

A newborn baby cannot yet regulate its own body temperature. It is therefore up to you to keep an eye on your little one’s temperature in the first few weeks. There are plenty of things you can do to keep your little one warm. Cuddling and skin to skin contact, dressing nice and warm, putting […]

Baby crib comparison

crib baby

What kind of crib do you choose for your baby? A comparison! What is the best crib for your baby? A crib has the advantage that it is a safe place to sleep that can stand in the master bedroom. This so that your child is close at night to feed or comfort. Because a […]

When to buy baby products?

when buy baby products

When should you buy baby products for your little one? | How long do you need these products? Many parents don’t know when to start buying baby supplies for the upcoming baby. An even more complicated question to ask is, and it is often forgotten, “How long do you need this stuff?”. Because baby items […]

Difference Snuzpod 3 and 4

Difference Snuzpod 3 and 4

What are the differences between the Snuzpod 3 and Snuzpod 4? At a first glance, the Snuzpod 3 and the Snuzpod 4 might look the exact same. However, there are a few minor differences. We went to do the research and wrote this blog to share the knowledge with you! After the Snuzpod […]

Baby in bath

baby in bath

Baby in bath | Tips You can make your baby happy in many different ways, but a nice warm bath is definitely at the top of the list. 🛁 ⁠ Especially in the winter months this can have a very relaxing effect on your baby…and for the parents it is also really nice to see your […]

Holiday with baby

Holiday with baby

Go on holiday with your baby Are you planning your first vacation with your baby soon? Then preferably go by car if possible! ⁠ This way you can take everything with you and you don’t have choice stress about what can and can’t go with you – and that’s great 😍⁠ But before you go […]

When will your baby walk?

when baby walk

When will your baby walk? There is of course no single answer, but there are a number of things you can do to speed up the process. Did you know that barefoot babies learn to walk faster? 👶⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ This is because walking without shoes stimulates the development of balance. So you can take […]

The different Chicco co-sleeper models compared.

chicco co-sleeper

Chicco Next to Me co-sleeper The Chicco co-sleepers are slightly larger than the average co-sleeper. This makes them ideal for larger babies, or babies who like space :-). The cribs are also made of light materials and are easy to assemble and take apart. The different Chicco co-sleeper models We have listed the different models […]

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