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co sleeper comparison

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Which co-sleeper suits your baby best?

An co sleeper is a special bed for your baby. You can adjust a co-sleeper to different heights and attach it to your bed. One of the sides of a co sleeper crib is open or can be opened manually. The open side allows for an easy approach to your baby. The biggest advantage is that moms and dads no longer have to get out of bed to feed and reassure the baby.

Once you have made the choice for a co sleeper, there are suddenly a legion of possibilities :-). At BabyLoop we have listed 5 different cribs for you, so that you can choose which cosleeper suits you best.

Below is a comparison of 5 co-sleepers:

  1. Bednest
  2. Chicco Next to Me Dream
  3. Snuzpod 4
  4. Maxi Cosi Iora
  5. Calidoo Safety 1st

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Voordelen Nadelen
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Voordelen Nadelen
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Voordelen Nadelen
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Conclusion comparison co-sleepers

It depends on what you’re looking for. Every co sleeper has advantages and disadvantages. Do you choose a beautiful stylish cosleeper for your baby? Or maybe you prefer a sustainable variant. Take your time to look at everything and then choose the best crib for your little one.

Below in table form a summary and our score of the 5 different side beds.

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