Find your returnlabel & print it

You can easily create your return label yourself in the BabyLoop return portal. After creating your return label, you can print it immediately. The label will not be emailed to you. However, you may not immediately see your label. There are two different screens available for viewing your return label:

  1. Click on “Open Label” to find your label.
returnlabel babyloop

2. Click on the 3 dots and then select “Open Label” to find your label.

Find your returnlabel

When dealing with option 2, a possible solution is to find your return label by zooming out and setting your screen to, for example, 90%. You will then see screen 1. Or you can just click on the 3 dots 🙂

Once you have found the label, you can proceed to print it out. To print the label, click on print. It is best if you print the label as A6 (1/4th of an A4). Make sure your printer is set to A4 so that you don’t see a large label by default.

If you can’t figure it out, you can always email us and we will look up the label for you!

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