BabyLoop partners

We like to partner with other organizations and companies. Below you can see who BabyLoop’s partners are.

Sustainable initiatives


clothing library for babies
BIEBY is the solution for all parents who want their children to be able to wear durable and quality clothing during the first two years of their lives without having to buy a new wardrobe every two or three months and resell any worn items. No mountains of clothes that no longer fit in the closet or in the storage room, but always the latest collection of sustainable and quality brands in the house and thereby also save money and do something for the environment. That is the concept of the clothing library (library) for babies: BIEBY.  


enjoytocarry logo
To carry or not to carry, that is the question. Ask all your questions about carrying to EnjoyToCarry!


Foundation baby stuff

foundation baby stuff
Baby Stuff Foundation aims to reduce the effects of poverty on babies and young children. They collect used and new baby gear nationwide and make baby starter kits from it. Baby Stuff Foundation provides the packages through various agencies free of charge to (expectant) parents in the Netherlands who are struggling financially. We believe that every child has the right to a good start!  

Foundation MommaLuv

Avoid an overload of unused maternity gifts AND give a baby in a developing country a better start. You get a photo of the mother and her baby as a thank-you gift. Very sustainable and social! The Mommaluv Foundation connects you as an expectant mother to an expectant mother in one of the following countries: Bolivia, Ecuador, Ghana, Liberia, Uganda, Suriname, Sri Lanka or Tanzania. It works like this: after the birth of your baby, instead of asking for maternity gifts, you ask for a donation for a mother and baby in a developing country. This way you give a newborn baby in a developing country a good first start without having to do much yourself. Because MommaLuv makes sure that this mother receives a baby package from your collected money. In return, you will receive a thank you note with photos of the mothers and their babies.

Desire for children?

Webshop Zebrapaardje

Are you looking for trendy and practical personalized maternity gifts with name? Then take a look around at Zebra Horse. Also if you want to announce your pregnancy in an original way, or if you are looking for products aimed at children’s wishes and fertility treatments, this is the place to be.

zo Bespaar Je Geld

tips to save money
There are many savings opportunities beyond sharing or reusing baby products. Think about buying food and energy wisely. On zobespaarjegeld.nl you will find hundreds of tips on sensible and smart purchasing, how to avoid wasting food, water and energy unnecessarily and how to live sustainably by consuming.  
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