Baby product checklist: Create your customized package

Put together your own baby outfits by filling out our package-to-size checklist. We’ll get back to you within one business day with a customized quote. You can return the individual products from your custom kit when you no longer use them. The cost of this will be deducted from your subscription price. Also, all our packages are cancelable monthly and are delivered to your home within 1 week.

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Help!!! What do I need?

The BabyLoop assortment consists of various baby products that you need for a short time and that are a bit more expensive to buy, such as a co-sleeper or Isofix and/or take up a lot of space, such as a baby bathtub. This so you don’t have to worry about storing these products until you need them again. Besides knowing what products you need, it’s also nice to know when you need to have your baby gear in the house and how long you will actually use these products.

1. Select the items for your baby kit

Car seat

BabyBjorn bouncer

Baby nest

Cosleeper / crib


Floor Chair

Cargo bike adapters

Stokke high chair

Baby carriers

2. Choose refurbished or new

3 Leave your details

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