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Cargo bike adapters Maxi Cosi

With a cargo bike adapter for the Maxi Cosi (or other car seat brands) you can transport everyone at the same time. The Maxi-Cosi sits low in the cargo bike, which is safer for your little one and makes cycling easier.

We have cargo bike adapters for the Urban Arrow, the Dolly cargo bike, and all kinds of wooden cargo bikes from brands: Babboe, Bakfiets.nl, etc.

The adapters are compatible with most Maxi Cosi car seats. Another great advantage is that the bench remains free for the other children to be transported so you can enjoy the cargo bike with the whole family. Besides this, your baby is clearly visible at all times.

If you’re not taking the Maxi-Cosi, the adapter can remain on the bike as it takes up almost no space. So the next time your little one goes with you, simply click on the Maxi Cosi.

Super handy!

Why a cargo bike?

A cargo bike is very safe and often more convenient and stable than a bicycle seat on the front and back. Children are securely fastened in with three-point belts, the bikes have wide tires for stability, LED lighting in various places for good visibility and a stable stand.

In addition, a cargo bike is a practical alternative to the car for many parents. Especially if you opt for the electric variant, you can make a lot of kilometers and zoom everywhere. If the weather is nice, make a nice trip. Bring food and drinks, picnic at a playground along the way. But the cargo bike is also very handy for daily practical matters! Doing the shopping, taking the children to daycare and school, picking up large items, taking away empty bottles; everything is possible. This allows you to leave the car at home more often, which is good for the environment. A cargo bike is not only sustainable, but also cost-effective. Because you leave the car at home more often, you save on petrol costs and maintenance.

Ideal for young parents. You increase your mobility and reach and you can use the adapter from the moment your little one is 3 months old.

Super handy!

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