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A co-sleeper is a semi-open crib that you can slide up against your own bed.  When you use a co-sleeper you always have your baby close by, while he can still have his own space. A co-sleeper is very convenient when you’re breastfeeding, but also when you just like to have the baby close by. Your child can hear and smell you, making him feel safe, while you can hear and see your baby and don’t have to get out of bed for every little sound. This way, you can also react quickly if your baby chokes or has to spit up. It reassures you and makes your baby feel safe. In addition, research shows that co-sleeping strengthens the bond between you and your baby. Because you can attach the sides of the co-sleeper it can also be used as a regular crib, as it has the same dimensions!

Rent a co-sleeper

You use a co-sleeper for a relatively short period of time. When the baby no longer fits in it, you switch to a cot. This makes it cheaper to rent a co-sleeper instead of buying it. You can already rent a co-sleeper from €24.90 per month! Have you just discovered that you would rather use a co-sleeper crib instead of a crib? If you order before 4 pm you’ll have it delivered at home the next day and your little one can quickly sleep in the cot by your bed! Renting a co-sleeper is not only cheap, but also a good alternative to second-hand products. If you buy a second-hand co-sleeper, you don’t know the condition of the crib. By renting a co-sleeper at Babyloop, you are assured of quality, hygiene, and an affordable co-sleeper. You can choose new or refurbished. All second-hand (refurbished) co-sleepers are thoroughly checked and cleaned! Would you rather rent a traditional crib? Of course, that’s also possible!

What is the best co-sleeper?

We cannot determine the best co-sleeper for you and your baby. This depends on your own wishes and, for example, the dimensions of your bed. The co-sleepers that you rent from us have been carefully selected and meet all quality requirements! If you are looking for a co-sleeper made of wood, you have come to the right place. You can rent the Snuzpod 3 and Snuzpod 4 co-sleeper from us! These beautiful wooden co-sleepers can also be used as a Moses basket and free-standing crib. In addition, there is a special reflux position and you can also attach the Snuzpod co-sleeper 4 to a box spring! Read more about the difference between the Snuzpod 3 and 4. The other crib in our range is a Chicco co-sleeper: the Chicco Next To Me Dream. Ideal for parents who want to co-sleep and are still looking for a crib. The Chicco Next To Me is tiltable, easy to fold, and can be opened and closed with one hand while the crib is attached to the bed. These are just some of the benefits of this practical Chicco co-sleeper crib!

Is a co-sleeper safe for my baby?

Simply put: yes, a co-sleeper is safe, if you use it properly! Always close the co-sleeper when you go to sleep yourself so that your baby cannot roll over in your bed, or the blankets from your bed get into the crib.

Can the co-sleeper be attached to a box spring or high bed?

Before you rent the co-sleeper, check the height of your bed and the specifications of the co-sleeper are. At 73 cm, the Snuzpod 4 is the highest co-sleeper and fits almost any bed, even a high box spring!

Cannot decide?

In our product range we have the co-sleepers from Snuzpod or Chicco Next2Me, but you can also choose a wooden cradle. Are you still in doubt whether you should go for a cosleeper, design crib, or classic wooden crib? Then read the comparison below! Here we have listed all the pros and cons of the different co-sleepers and cribs.

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