Rent baby products (all in 1 package premium)

From: 65.00 / month

With this all-in-one package you can rent the most important baby products that you need for a short time in one go:

  • Co-sleeper Snuzpod 3 (possibly with New mattress)
  • Baby nest from Sleepyhead
  • Stokke Newborn set in the color Gray (new model)
  • Flexibath Stokke
  • Babybjorn bouncer

Subscription price: € 72.50 per month. You save 70%!

You can also order individual baby products or request a tailor-made offer via our checklist or send an email.

All-in-1 packages can be canceled monthly.

You can insure your products against damage and theft for 2 euros per month.

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Rent baby products | All-in-one package premium

With this all-in-one package, you will rent the most important baby products you will need for a short time, at once:

  • Co-sleeper Snuzpod 3 (possibly with New mattress) – your little one next to your bed and the co sleeper looks nice too!
  • Baby Nest from Sleepyhead – This is the only baby nest where babies can sleep safely.
  • Stokke Newborn set for the Tripp Trapp in the color Grey (this is the latest model) – fun to eat at the table with the whole family.
  • Stokke Flexi Baby Bath – foldable and with integrated heat plug.
  • Babybjorn bouncer – this is and will remain a classic! The ergonomic bouncer was designed in consultation with pediatricians.


Subscription price: € 72.50 per month. You save 70%!

Other families lease this package on average for 4-5 months. You can of course also put together your own package by only renting the products you need. Because perhaps you can borrow a crib through a friend and a bath from another friend. For a tailor-made quotation, send an email with the baby products you want to rent and you will receive a response from us within 1 working day.

Too expensive? You can also go for our other all-in-1 package for € 55.50 per month.

The BabyLoop assortment includes baby items that you need for a short time and that are a bit more expensive to purchase such as a Co-sleeper and / or take up a lot of space such as a Baby bath. This so that you do not have to worry about storing these products until the moment you need them again.

All-in-1 packages can be cancelled monthly. Rent baby products is easy, sustainable and delivered to your home within 1 week! 

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Renting is: Easy, Sustainable and up to 70% cheaper.

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Babyloop fans

“We have been very happy with the crib. Really super! Also very nice that we can now return it easily without the hassle of selling it.”
“This mischievous little rascal likes to sit (half) upright because of his reflux. When he gets too big for the BabyBjorn bouncer, hopefully another baby will be able to enjoy it just as much. Inexpensive, practical and durable; Very happy with Babyloop!”
“We rent the Stokke Newborn set and we like it super much! The set arrived quickly with clear instructions. Great because our little one won’t be using it for very long.”

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