Rent breast pump

From: 64.90 / month

Please note, make sure you order the correct size pump set. 70% of the women have size M. And if you can’t figure it out, you can always call.

Measure the diameter of your nipple across the center in millimeters (mm):

  • Nipple diameter up to 17 mm: size S (breast shield 21 mm)
  • Nipple diameter up to 20 mm: size M (breast shield 24 mm)
  • Nipple diameter up to 23 mm: size L (breast shield 27 mm)

Product Description


Rent breast pump (electric)

The Medela Symphony breast pump has been developed on the basis of scientific research, a breast pump that imitates your baby’s natural sucking behavior at the breast and thereby stimulates the milk flow. This pump is very suitable for starting, building and maintaining milk production. Renting a professional breast pump like this one from Medela is useful to see if you like it.

In addition to renting the breast pump, it is necessary to have a pump set. You cannot use the Symphony pump without a pump set. You have to purchase this set yourself for hygiene reasons and we have it in stock. You can easily connect the pump set to the breast pump and it is ready for use. Before you order the breast pump, check which size is right for you, see the paragraph below to see which size suits you best.


What size breast shield do you need?

Expressing should not be painful. Of course you can feel it, but it should never hurt. With breast shields in different sizes, Medela offers maximum comfort and efficiency while expressing. Use this guideline to determine the most suitable size for you based on the diameter of your nipple.

  • Nipple diameter up to 17 mm: size S (breast shield 21 mm)
  • Nipple diameter up to 20 mm: size M (breast shield 24 mm)
  • Nipple diameter up to 23 mm: size L (breast shield 27 mm)

Using a ruler or tape measure, measure the diameter of your nipple at the base (across the center) in millimeters (mm). Do not measure the areola.


Reimbursement health insurance

In many cases, renting a breast pump is (partially) reimbursed by your health insurer. You often need additional insurance for this.

Here you will find an overview of which health insurer reimburses the rental of the breast pump. No rights can be derived from this overview. Therefore, always check with your own health insurance whether your insurer reimburses the pump.


Delivery options

Pick up and return in our store in Amsterdam
We will contact you in which store you can pick up the breast pump. After the rental period, you can return the breast pump to the store.

Or have it delivered to your home tomorrow
Ordered before 15:00, delivered the next working day.


Medela Symphony rental breast pump

This professional breast pump is used in hospitals and by lactation consultants. You can always decide at a later time whether you want to continue pumping and if so, which breast pump you want to purchase. An electric or manual breast pump, a single or double pump. There are many options and models on the market.



BabyLoop is the sustainable alternative to buying baby gear! You can rent a Symphony Medela breast pump from us for as long as you need.

Additional information

Size Pump Set

Size S, Size M, Size L, No pump set


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