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The Snuzpod 3 co sleeper ensures that you can sleep safely next to your baby. Its unique design allows you to use it in 3 ways: as a co-sleeper, freestanding (travel) crib and as a Moses basket. It comes with a Refurbished mattress, if you like you can add a NEW mattress for €19,-!

Buying the Snuzpod 3 co sleeper costs €235,-. At Babyloop you can rent the co-sleeper from €24.90 per month!

Prices Snuzpod co sleeper  

  • Refurbished – 1 month: €39,50
  • Refurbished – 3 months: €27,50 per month
  • Refurbished – 6 months: €24,90 per month

You save: 65%

Prefer a new Snuzpod? Take a look at the Snuzpod 4.

You can insure your products against damage and theft for 2 euros per month.


Product Description


Snuzpod co sleeper

The Snuzpod co sleeper is the best co-sleeper according to the BabyLoop team because of its versatility and material use. It’s crib is made of OEKO-Tex 100 certified materials it has also been tested according to European standards. The advantage of all co-sleepers is that you can let your baby sleep next to you safely. Because of its unique design, you can use the Snuzpod in 3 ways:

  1. Firstly, (of course) as a co-sleeper; the crib can be adjusted to different heights (up to 63cm). It can be attached to your own bed and the mesh window makes it easy to keep an eye on your child. With the zippers on the side you open the crib to take your baby out and take it with you. Due to the design of this zipperable side, you can easily place it on your bed to create a ‘bridge’ that ensures that there’s no space between your bed and the co-sleeper.
  2. It can be used as a free-standing crib; if both sides are up you can put the crib anywhere, it can also rock gently.
  3. To be used as a Moses basket; the top of the crib can easily be lifted out of the base. This way, you can place and use it anywhere in the house. Going on holiday and visiting family is also no problem.


Co-sleeper tips

The product is only suitable for a child who cannot yet sit up independently, roll over and cannot push himself on his knees.

  • Tip 1! We recommend that you use a mattress protector with every mattress. The waterproof mattress protector does not let moisture through and is well ventilated. The mattress protector ensures that the mattress of the Snuzpod 3 remains free of stains. This protector is made of 100% cotton on the outside and 100% polyester on the inside. Can be put in the washing machine and dryer. You can also rent it for only 2 euros per month.
  • Tip 2! Take a good look at how you attach the Snuzpod co sleeper to your bed. Check this blog for more information on how to attach a co-sleeper to your bed.


Snuzpod co sleeper | Additional information

  • Dimensions of the crib at maximum height: L100 x D49 x H95cm
  • Fits most beds due to a large height difference between 33-63cm. Also fits several box springs.
  • Mattress size of the cosleeper: 44cm × 80cm x 3cm
  • The cradle has been given 2 transparent sides and a ‘reflux’ position, where you can place the bed in a slight slope.
  • Because the bed of the Snuzpod 3 version is wider than the Snuzpod 4, you have to be careful with the Snuz mattress, mattress protector and pocket. These must be suitable for the Snuzpod 3. The bedding from Green sheep is suitable for both variants, due to the stretchy fabric.


For all these reasons, we think the Snuzpod 3 is the best Snuzpod co sleeper and we offer it to you and your baby.

Download the user guide and installation instructions here.


Other families lease this product through BabyLoop for an average of 2-3 months.

BabyLoop is the sustainable alternative to buying (second-hand) baby equipment and comparable to renting! 

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Yes, No

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2x bedsheets?

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