YOYO board

From: 9.90 / month

You can easily click the YOYO wheeled board on the frame of the pram or buggy.

Buying the YOYO wheeled board costs €120. At Babyloop you can rent this board from €9.90 per month!

Prices YOYO board per month

  • Refurbished – 1 month: €19,90
  • Refurbished – 3 months: €12,50 per month
  • Refurbished – 6 months: €9,90 per month
  • New – 3 months: €15,90 per month

You save: 70%

You can insure your products against damage and theft for 2 euros per month.


Product Description


YOYO board

The YOYO board is a must have if you have a second child or if you don’t want to let your child sit passively all the time, but occasionally want to stand behind the buggy. You can easily click the YOYO board with one hand on the back of the YOYO. Your child chooses whether to stand or sit, on a saddle that is easy to remove.

Even when the YOYO board is attached to the buggy or pram, it remains manoeuvrable and you can still steer it with one hand – even if a child is standing or sitting on the board.

The YOYO board is suitable for the YOYO² and YOYO+. The board can be used in combination with the: bassinet, newborn pack, and the pack 6+.

If you are not using the YOYO wheeled board for a while, you can store it in several ways with the fastening strap.

  • With the bassinet and the newborn pack, the saddle must be removed before the board can be removed (securing strap in the middle position).
  • With the version pack 6+ buggy, 3 storage positions are possible:
    – backrest up, the board up in the highest position, without the saddle
    – backrest up, the board up in the middle position, with the saddle
    – backrest down, the board up in the middle position, without the saddle

Your child (up to 20 kg) chooses whether it wants to stand or sit.

Additional information

Price category

New, Refurbished

Rental period

1 month, 3 months, 6 months


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