Who is behind BabyLoop?

babyloop founder ilse

Hi, I’m Ilse and came up with the idea for BabyLoop (baby gear subscription) when I had my son Wassili in 2018. During my leave I started to further explore the concept of renting your baby kit or loose baby stuff, since you need a large part only for a short time, you can easily use products multiple times and it costs hands full of money I thought, there must be a smarter way! And BabyLoop – the sustainable initiative to reuse baby products – was born.

A year and a half later, there is a beautiful circular platform that I am extremely proud of. Fortunately, I don’t have to do this alone and we have added good communication and logistics staff to the team. And we are growing and learning everyday.

“BabyLoop helps you find the right baby products!”

Help!!! What baby stuff do I really need right now?

Ilse | Founder BabyLoop

All parents will recognize it: we are expecting a baby “hooray!” and at the same time “how exciting” and “help, what do we all need?” And then the search, buying trip and the question “do I really need all these baby things soon?” soon comes up. Because of my own experience with being pregnant (hormones running wild, everything coming at you at the same time in terms of new terms and concepts), I know all too well that it’s hard to make the “right” decision. Which baby products should I really have from the baby outfit list, which safety requirements should the baby items meet, when do I need them, for how long, which brands are sustainable, and so on.

Stuff, stuff and more stuff

Because before you know it, your whole apartment or house is full of stuff that others say can be handy, useful, absolutely necessary or easy for once in a while. And really all just for a while, because a baby grows incredibly fast (babies grow as much as 25 cm on average in the first year). So after a few months they no longer fit in the crib, baby nest, etc. and because of this the pile of baby stuff you no longer use grows steadily.

In addition, sometimes you get stuff from family and friends, but this is not necessarily your taste. As a result, the storage space in your home quickly becomes full. Some garages or attics have items waiting for another birth or a nephew or niece yet to arrive. Reusing by reselling or loaning used items to friends and family is a good option.

We see that there is room for a new way of sustainable consumption. Moreover, not everyone has a wide network to fall back on and borrow baby gear from. BabyLoop offers a solution to this by renting out baby gear and thus sharing it with others! People who do not have a network or do not feel like the hassle of reselling used items now have the option to rent through a baby gear subscription.

Baby Gear Subscription: Team BabyLoop helps you select those baby items you really need

We at Team BabyLoop are ready to help you rent your baby gear. Flexible leasing terms, attractively priced, easy to order online and last but not least, it is sustainable sharing. BabyLoop believes in the sustainable sharing economy in which we want to own less and less (baby) stuff and we are moving more and more towards using (baby) stuff. In this way, fewer products are produced and our resources run out less quickly.

The products we offer through BabyLoop are items from the well-known baby gear list that you will need for a short time during the first phase of your baby’s life and that are a bit more expensive like an Isofix and/or take up a lot of space like a baby bathtub. Go to product overview to see which baby gear is included in our baby gear subscription. If you have any questions about our products, let us know via contact form at the bottom of the page, email or call!

Through the BabyLoop platform, we like to stay in touch with parents and learn every day. If you have a tip, for example about a particular product that should not be missing from our assortment or something completely different, we would love to hear from you!

Greetings, Ilse

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